the year of you

Join us for an inspiring and informative gathering all in support of you and your development! Our gathering won’t just focus on where you are today but your vision of who you want to be, what’s holding you back and the inner strength that can push you forward.

Tiffany and Nicole bring personal experience in transforming their lives and work with people every day who want something more than just the status quo. They want lives fulfilled with purpose, happiness and prosperity. Tiffany and Nicole have a shared vision of living bold lives in service of women who want the same.

This gathering costs $150, however, if you register by December 31 you can join us for $99!

During this half day retreat we will cover:

What do we really want?

What keeps us stuck?

How can we strive for our goals from a point of “wellness” rather than perfectionism?

How can we make life changes in responsible and visionary ways?

Who is this course right for?

Women who are ready for change and willing to do the challenging work to make it happen.

Women who are willing to take risks to achieve your goals, expand your network, exposure.

Women who are bold and committed to holistic growth.

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