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Problem: Lack of Clarity Created Internal Turmoil and Tension

As an organization that was doing the work to uplift marginalized voices externally, a high profile company was failing to handle their internal DEI commitments. There was a lack of diversity within their staff and their leadership, and people were either just starting to notice––or were fed up.

This high profile company had friction within its walls which was affecting overall morale. There is nothing more harmful to companies’ foundations than failing to live their values and lead by example.

Instead of talking behind closed doors, we talked about the problems out loud. After conducting an audit and assessment many of the things leadership feared came to light, but the solutions lay within areas they had not previously considered.

Solution: Moving Forward Collaboratively

Based on our findings, this organization had a lot of work to do to create a healthy DEI-centered workplace. We used the data to identify necessary and realistic changes which resulted in an improved work culture and enhanced their external reputation.


“Working with Nicole was so important for our growth as a more diverse company. The stories she tells are engaging and profound. She makes you know your company can succeed at DEI!”


— VP at Fortune 100 company


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