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If we want more equitable and just organizations, we’re going to have to build them.



Nicole Lee

Guiding People and Processes

A proven leader at home and abroad, Nicole has informed U.S. policy, worked alongside civil rights icons, and testified before Congress. Her boots-on-the-ground commitment to action and deep knowledge of the issues, allows Nicole to engage in equity reform work in practical and high-level ways.

Right Steps for
Right Actions

Create cultural competence, lasting change, and gain a competitive advantage.
Engage the Process


Find strategic solutions to organizational equity issues with one-on-one and small group coaching.
Find Answers


Use objective data to create the groundwork for actionable steps.
Examine Your Culture


Let Nicole inspire your team with charismatic messages that spur action.


“Nicole is effective with every level, from the C-Suite to the front lines, and brings her A-Game to every interaction. She has illuminating insights, practical frameworks and praxis, and an integrative capacity like few I have known.”


—Finance/Investment Executive


Transforming your
organization is possible.

Our work begins now.


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