Equipping Leaders to Build Equitable Workplaces


We advise C-suite executives and organizational leadership in equity frameworks. We tackle the toughest inclusion and equity challenges and specialize in crisis response, strategic communication, and action.

We leverage the resources your company has to further your journey toward inclusion and cultural competency. We help leaders build the skills they need to accelerate their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Change does not happen overnight, but with consistent effort, the right tools, and advice to implement change, we have seen tremendous gains for our clients.


Many people strive to implement strategies for diversity, equity, and inclusion, but it’s easier said than done. We support executives, non-profit leaders, and entrepreneurs while they build equity and inclusion into their business rather than struggle with it.

We have led organizations, campaigns, and projects for over twenty years. We mix a no-nonsense, no-judgment approach with humor and intuition. We tackle areas where clients are stuck or afraid to dive in.

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