Sparking Conversations
That Drive Action

We equip change-makers by:

• Providing thorough, objective equity assessments so decision-makers have the data they need to plot the best course to DEI

• Conducting organization-wide trainings to create a culture of racial competence

• Supporting clients as they work to find solutions or reframe concepts of equity
• Guiding reflection as groups focus on skill-building and education to inform strategy
• Delivering thought-provoking talks that lead to action

Our approach is both no-nonsense and non-judgmental. We push our clients to look honestly at the dynamics of inequity in their workplaces, and we support them as they develop strategies for lasting change.

Our clients do the hard work of building inclusive culture—but they never do it alone.

Rigorous Accountability

“Nicole Lee’s work is nuanced but never tentative. Her intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and political range is vast. I can’t think of a better coach or thought partner for someone who wants to have a positive impact on the world today.”


The guidance you want. The accountability you need.

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