Let’s Talk About DEI

Problem: When “nice” gets in the way

A Fortune 500 company was seeking ways to create shared language that improved communication between its U.S. and international staff. They suspected that race, gender, and class played a significant role in some recent internal flare-ups, but these topics were not often discussed directly. In fact, most of the conversations were lost in jargon and niceties. It was difficult to get the heart of the matter.

They wanted to say something but not the wrong thing. How could they go deeper when they didn’t know where to begin?

Solution: Real conversations to produce real change

After a series of training covering the power behind equity and inclusion, the team learned how to handle difficult conversations. Leadership and managers were able to take the skills attained and have meaningful conversations about cultural competency on the division and micro team level.


“Nicole’s work strives to meet folks where they are. This helps them to leverage and develop their talents and aptitudes, whether they are aware of those or not. She truly embodies intent, action, impact, analysis and wholeness. She leaves a lasting impact in whatever venue or endeavor she touches.”


—Finance/Investment Executive


Let’s get to work

Start Conversations that Matter.  

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