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Problem: How to Handle Racial Unrest

A healthcare nonprofit was struggling with how to approach current events of racial unrest. The staff wanted to see more action from the organization, however the organization was not sure where to draw the line between work and personal life conflicts.

Sometimes it’s ok to say you don’t know what to do, instead of acting without intention or direction. Leadership knew it was also harmful to remain silent. Something had to be done.

Solution: Created Clarity and Comfort around DEI

After a series of facilitated conversations and planning the staff and leadership teams were able to create a collaborative plan of action. This served the needs of the staff and provided organizational tools needed to expand its commitment to inclusion.

This led to more productivity, collaboration, and camaraderie within the work environment. Staff members stated they saw the organization as an ally to social justice work, rather than an impediment.


“Nicole brought us very practical experience supporting front-line advocates and non-profits. She met with dozens of staff, kept those meetings confidential, and provided recommendations to executive management. Her legal expertise is an important lens when you consider if she is the right fit.”


—CEO, Leading Community-based Health and Wellness Organization


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